Unlike recording a direct plugin-type instrument (e.g., DI-guitar, keyboard, even DI-bass), acoustic drums require a bit more “infrastructure” to setup. With a keyboard, for example, you can simply plug into your interface, etc. and record directly into your DAW. You could use amp simulators, pedals, etc. It’s not that simple with a full set of acoustic drums.

With the advent of (reasonably affordable) quality preamps, mics, and software, it has become obvious to me that having a service that records good quality “raw” drums tracks would be extremely beneficial. Hence, the motivation for this site.

Really the key to recording quality drums is having a great grasp of tuning (heads and bearing edges), mics (and mic placement), clean preamps, and a balanced sounding room. That said, my goal is to provide a great drum track for your project. I specifically keep this to clean, proper level drum tracks and not so much mixed audio because “mixing” is really an art form I leave to the client. Ten engineers will provide you with ten different mixes. Therefore, it is best for me to leave that to the client.

More recently however, I have team up with a mixing engineer in LA (who has mixed Justin Timberlake, Rascal Flatts, Vince Gill, Nelly, Lenny Kravitz, N’Sync, Dave Koz, Slaughter, Johnny Lang, Earth Wind & Fire, Alicia Keys to name a few).   He has agreed to mix my drums to your song using real hardware, not plug-ins.  Thus all you have to do is fly the stems into your DAW and balance the channels !

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Recording Drums