How It Works

  1. First go to the “Contact Page” and send me an email about your project and what you would like to do.  Lets touch base first. You can also call me from the Contact Page or just send mail to” d r u m s AT T r a c k D r u m m e r DOT c o m.”
  2. Upload your tune (minus drums) as a WAV file.  Any style. Or send via email or regular mail (e.g.,CD or DVD). We can also use for file sharing.
    1. Use the filename convention:   mysong_105BPM.wav (I need to know the tempo so I can import into my DAW.  You need to play to a click track).
    2. You also need to provide 1 or 2 ‘blank’ measures up front, before the songs downbeat.
  3. Set up a payment deposit for first take.
  4. I’ll do a take (Take 1), create a stereo mix and send it to you (i.e., post on this website, email, or
  5. Each song gets 2 free retakes (3 takes total).   See pricing for additional takes.  I have found that we tend to settle on what ‘you’ like after 2 or 3 takes.
  6. Once you approve of the final take you will receive an email instructing you on how to make your final payment.
  7. Once your final payment is made you can download your RAW drum tracks or have them mailed to you on a CD or DVD or I can upload to
  8. In the most basic form, there can be 8 drum channels.  This can easily be extended per the nature of each project (e.g., large drum set with 4 toms.  This might be 10 tracks, for example.)  The basic set might be:
    1. HH
    2. Snare top
    3. Snare bottom
    4. Kick
    5. Tom 1
    6. Floor tom
    7. Overhead left
    8. Overhead right
  9. The output file formats can be WAV, WAV64, AIF, DTS, MP3, OGG, Rm, WMA, Broadcast WAV, AAF, AES31, OMF, etc.  Typically, I use WAV or Broadcast WAV.
  10. The audio can be 16 or 24 bits.  Sampling can be 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, or 96kHz.  Typical sessions are 24 bit / 44.1k unless otherwise noted.
  11. Finally, I can provide a ‘stereo’ mix of the drums, if you like ‘my’ processing of the drums, or separate files of each channel w/o processing, etc.
  12. Files are deleted approximately 4 weeks after session is finished.

Recording Drums