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Past Clients

Peter Hathotuwa – Songwriter/Producer/Worship Leader (Washington, DC)
Bill Crosby – Song writer (Nashville, TN)
Matt Valerio  – Pianist / Song writer, Eastman School of Music
Joe Clar – Engineer, Producer,  Song writer Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)
Greater Finger Lakes Jazz Orchestra
Kire Najdovski – Guitarist / Song writer
Joe Liedtke – Keyboards / Song writer
Brian Coughlin – Guitarist / Song writer
Todd East – Keyboards/Vocals (Kansas City, MO)
Don Mancuso – Guitarist/songwriter with The Lou Gramm Band (Lou Gramm formally of Foreigner)
Kimberly Mershon – Arranger, (Chicago, IL)
Greg Polmateer- Vocalist/songwriter – “Crosseyed Miles”
Mike Gladstone – Guitarist/Uncle Plum, songwriter, producer
Frank Herkimer – Keyboards/Vocals, songwriter

Client Comments

I was producing a song for a client that needed high quality live drums. I contacted Emmett, sent him some rough ideas and a track, and we shot ideas back and forth to come up with the parts the song needed. The tracks themselves sound fantastic, and working with Emmett to write parts and create the song’s journey was highly enjoyable. He is 100% the kind of artist you want contributing to your project, and I’ll definitely be a repeat client.
Peter Hathotuwa – Songwriter, Producer, Worship leader (Washington, DC)

“Here is the latest mix of the song, “Million Ways.”  I liked the original mix (Rob Smith kicks a** on vocals!), but within a 12 hour period two drummers that I respect told me the song needed real drums (not ones created in the computer). The incredibly talented Emmett Ientilucci took it upon himself to record the drum part at his studio and send them to me to mix in. I believe the results speak for themselves. If you need real drums for your production, I highly recommend that you contact Emmett at Track You will not be disappointed.”
Mike Gladstone – Songwriter, Guitarist (Uncle Plum), Producer

“This year I decided to do a Christmas release for the holidays and needed “real” drums on the song Blue Christmas. Not only were the drums amazing sounding and totally pro, the vibe of Emmett’s studio was great for brainstorming and getting exactly what I needed! I look forward to working there again in the near future and would recommend him highly.”
Don Mancuso – Guitarist/songwriter with The Lou Gramm Band

“I was working on a songwriter demo using keyboard drum with the intent of swapping out those parts with real players. After a few songs wondering what my next step would be, I became aware of Emmett and his website/service  After Emmett recorded the first tracks in his studio, I decided the songs were strong enough to follow through with an “artist demo”. As an overall music professional, Emmett quickly grasped the nature of my songs and provided me with a better foundation than if I actually practiced with a drummer.  I’ve heard Emmett play styles such as rock and jazz.  My music is pop in nature but it was a non-issue.  It was as if he understood exactly what I needed and provided quality tracks with very little input from me.  The best word to describe him is “INTUATIVE”.  A true professional! I encourage those to listen to the initial raw track and the final mix of my tune “Street People”, with Emmett on drums !
Frank Herkimer – Keyboards/Vocals, songwriter

“Needed drums for my track for my studio project “Crosseyed Miles.” My producer suggested I use Emmett at, so I went with his advice.  So glad I did.  My track turned out great !  We had some initial changes and he gladly implemented them, no questions asked.  Two musical thumbs up!”
Greg Polmateer – Vocalist/songwriter – “Crosseyed Miles

“Emmett has played on 98% of the songs I’ve recorded in the last 25 years. He always comes up with great grooves and cool parts. He plays the songs, not just the drums. He is dedicated to music and to his craft. Now, with new technology, he can fly in his drum tracks to me in Nashville (before, I had to fly him in). I was skeptical at first about the Wave file process, but, we seamlessly added two new songs to my current recording project and I am now excited about future possibilities!”
Bill Crosby – Song writer (Nashville, TN)

“I live in Chicago, IL and have a background in horns not drums so when I was doing a transcription project of some horn charts I asked Emmett to transcribe the drum parts.  Though we have never met, I was very happy by the quick turnaround time and high quality results.  His transcriptions integrated seamlessly in to my Finale charts and the drummers that have read the charts were all complementary with one saying “If all drum charts were this good my life would be much easier.”  Thank you, Emmett!
Kimberly Mershon – Arranger (Chicago, IL)

“This service was the perfect solution for providing a drum track for a singer/songwriter artist. In my prior experiences, drums were always the most expensive part of the recording process. After renting a studio, getting levels, and paying the drummer, it got expensive. provides a studio, drummer, and recording engineer all in one package. I had Emmett play for two of my tracks and I could not have asked for a better final product. Before we recorded the drum track, I was given several takes incorporating different ideas for the drums. Emmett’s creative approach took my songs to new places. His professionalism is first-rate, and he’s a bad-ass drummer. As far as I’m concerned, he ranks among the best. If you need a drummer, take my advice and use Your expectations will be exceeded!”
Matt Valerio – Pianist / Song writer, Eastman School of Music Graduate

“Having original and well played live drums on my recordings couldn’t be any easier. Placing them in my session is as easy as dragging and dropping. My favorite part about this service is that nothing is pre-recorded, all of the parts are original and written and recorded for the song I am working on.”
Joe Clar
Producer/Session Musician (Boston, MA)
Credits include: Justin Bieber, Tynisha Keli, Matt Valerio

When I asked Emmett to help me with some drum samples and beats for my project I never anticipated the attention to detail and professional sound quality I received!  It’s almost like I entered his studio and left Rochester, NY and warped directly into a professional studio in Nashville or LA…..TOP NOTCH!!! Look for MORE of Emmett’s beats and samples on my upcoming releases.
Joe Liedtke

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