Typical Session Rates:
Some studios charge up to $225 per song.  Since my studio overhead is low, I charge $150 per song (this covers session setup, transcribing your tune, and a few takes with mixing).   Additional takes (i.e., more than the base “three”) are $20 each, though I’ve never had to employ this in all the sessions I have done.  Usually get it in one or two takes !

Studio Rental Option:
Maybe you are a drummer in a band and want to record drums for your demo.  I can certainly help out here.  Since I know a thing or two about drums, tuning them and recording them, and if you are in the area, you can come down to the studio to record your tracks with me engineering the session.  You can use your own drums, but you might want to check out one of the finely tuned sets I have in the studio.  Click here for current drum and cymbal inventory.

Studio Rental Option Rates:
$50 / hour (Includes me running, mixing and producing the session.  Any set up time is not charged).


Since I know some of the finest players in town, it is quite easy for me to place a phone call and have a guitar, bass, keyboard, horn player come down to the studio to record a solo or groove track, for example.

Overdub Rates:
Call for rates !

Charting / Engraving:

Charts can be either hand written or charted using a computer (i.e., Finale software). Prices reflect songs under 4 minutes.

Hand Written Charts:
– General form drum chart (see sample), $8/chart
– Big band style drum chart (see sample) $10/chart
– Verbatim drum chart (see sample) $15/chart

* Add $5 for computer version of chart using Finale (see Sample Top 40 Chart,  and a Sample Big Band Chart)
* Add $5 for original Finale computer file.

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